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Home Journal An interview with Elle the Frenchie

We asked Elle’s owner about her favourite outfits, places to adventure and more.

How would you describe Elle’s style? Where does the inspiration for it come from?

At first glance, Elle’s style is feminine and whimsical. There’s more to it than that. Elle is low to the ground, so she needs items to protect her belly. Her outfits are often fashionable and functional. 

Elle is quite a jet setter. Does her style change from city to city?

Oh, I like this question a lot because she does take more fashion risks in Paris, just as her human does. There are always special pieces you want to show off and have fun with and there are items saved for those places. There was a white bandana I saw with black polkadots and as soon as I saw it, I knew that it was a Paris-only item. 

Elle recently visited Paris. What essentials did she take and what were her top three places to visit?

Essentials include her dog bag from Wagwear. Many drivers and public transport require dogs to travel inside a bag in Paris. It’s Elle’s safe place as well in crowded areas. Her Fetch & Follow hunter green collar and long lead was so gorgeous at the Palais-Royal. We used the long lead as a double lead with her friend Fira on one end and Elle on the other. They walked in sync, which made it much easier. My favourite "splat" of Elle’s where she lays down on the ground was at the Jardin des Tullieres in the collar and lead. When we went back to Paris in November to meet a human friend (shocking, we do have them!), we went back to the gardens and played fetch. That was one of my favourite moments of the year. 

Aside from the two places I mentioned, the Carousel Gardens are a must for epic views of the Eiffel Tower. Watch your pockets there, but do check it out for a lovely walk with your canine kid. For humans, dogs allowed outside, Blé Sucré was worth the small queue for the most incredible, airy croissants and madeleines, as well as hot liquid chocolate – and there’s a park directly across the street. 

What do you think of the new Fetch & Follow X LEAD THE WALK collab collection? Do you have a favourite piece?

The Fetch & Follow x LEAD THE WALK quilted coat fit Elle like it was tailor-made for her. The silver pop of colour on the collar is such a whimsical surprise and gives it that little bit extra. It’s so well made. Lined with orange piping, I just had to stare at my little nugget and more importantly, it kept Elle’s belly safe and warm with the fleece lining. We had a few people ask us where to get it.


Does Elle have any exciting trips planned for 2018?

Elle is investigating trips to Scotland, Germany to see friends, and also Belgium. We are open to suggestions, especially if they include castles. 


You can follow Elle on all her adventures @grrlgenius_

An interview with Elle the Frenchie