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Home Journal Fetch & Follow Stories | Matthew, Andrew and Mr. Greenberg of MALIN+GOETZ

We spoke to them about Mr. Greenberg, and how their passion for dogs has been an integral part of the brand and lifestyle of MALIN+GOETZ since launching the business in 2004. 

Tell us about Mr. Greenberg and how he came into your lives.

We adopted Mr. Greenberg from the Green Mountain Pug Rescue in the State of Vermont. Vermont gets its name from French, or the Anglo take on French – Ver (green) Mont (mountain). Berg is the German word for mountain – and since he was becoming a New Yorker, what could be more appropriate than the name Mr. Greenberg.

He came into our lives after our dogs Bob and Junior had passed away about eight years ago. I wasn’t ready to get a new dog for a while, so we took some time off.  Matthew started looking and discovered the Green Mountain Pug Rescue. We discovered Mr. Greenberg, née Moose, and they brought him down from his foster family to meet us. We looked into one another’s eyes, and the rest was history.

Could you tell us what a typical day in the life of Mr. Greenburg is like?

Not only does Mr. Greenberg come to the office with us every day, but he usually comes with us when we travel on business trips as well. He’s an old hand at going to the West Coast. He’s officially an Emotional Support Dog, so he sits on my lap the entire way – we’d never put him in cargo. He just made his first trip to London this spring. 

We're big fans of your dog shampoo. What inspired you to add this to the range, and what makes it so different to other dog shampoos?

Thanks!  Dogs have always been part of our family. And when you are in the cleansing business, we couldn’t possibly exclude our four-legged friends. We actually use human grade ingredients in our dog shampoos,  so it’s of exceptional quality.


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Fetch & Follow Stories | Matthew, Andrew and Mr. Greenberg of MALIN+GOETZ