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Home Journal Tips for Caring for Your Dog During the Winter Months


Interested in all things canine, Ciara has furthered her studies with additional behaviour courses and has even done a grooming course! She is also a member of many professional bodies. Below are her top tips for caring for your dog during the winter months and over the Christmas period.


During the winter months its important to make sure your dog is kept dry, especially older dogs as this can lead to them getting cold and stiffening up their joints. If your dog gets wet while out enjoying their walk, make sure to dry them when you get home. If you're going to be out for a while invest in a coat to help keep them dry.

It’s also important to wipe your dog’s paws after walking, to help remove any grit or salt which may be trapped between their pads.

If your dog’s pads start to get extremely dry and cracked during the winter months you can look to invest in a paw balm for them

Christmas Tips

Do not leave wrapped food under or on the Christmas Tree for your dog to reach. To your dog it’s the perfect game but this can be very dangerous.

Food your dog should avoid – Chocolate, Grapes and Raisins (these are in a lot of Christmas food such as mince pies, Christmas cake and Christmas pudding) - If your dog eats any of these they should be taken to see your vet ASAP

Turkey Skin and Fat from the Christmas Ham - These foods are too rich for your dog and can lead to gastroenteritis.

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Tips for Caring for Your Dog During the Winter Months